Welcome to the cyber-stronghold of Toledo, Ohio’s favorite metal sons… MOBILE DEATHCAMP!!
We appreciate you giving enough of a fuck to waste a lil time around here and find out what we deem interesting/ important/ amusing/ etc.

JUST hooked up with Alpha Omega Management, we’re super stoked about that!! Finally in cahoots with a group of experienced globally motivated professionals… things are gonna get wild around here, and soon!! You’re all welcome to come along too, bring your own helmets, of course —

The “Summon The Destroyer Spring/Summer Tour 2016” kicks off May 6 in Chicago… gonna be a nice long sweep of the good ‘ol US of A. Check the tour dates pages to find out where you can join in on the hijinx!! If ya don’t see your town listed, sit tight, we’re not gonna be taking too many breaks this year… or next year… or year after that…

Everybody wang chung tonight, but do it responsibly, huh?  CHEERS!! -T  =)