Todd                                                             Dave                                                                  Boe

                                      Guitar/ Vocals                                                 Drums                                                              Bass


Ain't no mystery... these three fellers will straight up melt your fucking faces with vicious speed metal. I could go on about how, "totally heavy" the music is, or, " how important this band is to the music world"... could even insist that, "these guys are seasoned veterans".

No one wants to hear about, read (or otherwise), any of those stupid lengthy, long winded bullshit descriptions... they essentially just turn into giant adjective/ adverb festivals anyway.

MOBILE DEATHCAMP - Formed in 2008, played with a bunch of dope bands, on a shitload of great shows, and festivals. Go listen to the music... the proof is in the proverbial pudding. (Who doesn't like pudding?)

Thanks for stoppin by!!  Cheers!!  =)

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