Welcome home, metal heads… to the online cyber HQ of your new favorite speed metal band (us, you dummies!), MOBILE DEATHCAMP!! We’re freshly back from a Western US swing that included a couple’a reeeeally nice places we haven’t been before (surprised us too)!!
BIG thanks to Carnivora for kicking ass the entire time in the support duty, and an extra special “Fuck yeah!!” to Cam Hunt of Carnivora, for stepping up, learning our set, playing bass for us and saving the tour in the first place.
Looking good for a Nov/Dec Tour with Carnivora again… this time we’ll be hitting New England all the way down to South Florida, and back up to Ohio. Come out and get yer metal on!!

Gonna keep it short and sweet… until next time, keep your pecker hard and your powder dry, and the world WILL turn. CHEERS!! -T  =)