Shoufi Mafi?!


Greetings and salutations to all you metal headed speed punk merchants of valor!! Welcome back (hopefully “back”) to the internet stronghold of Toledo, Ohio’s best kept secret, MOBILE DEATHCAMP!!

Please feel free to peruse about the sight at your own special pace, taking in all the goodness we’ve deemed notable. Dunno how many times I’ve said, “Gaht’dammit, where’s the container of grapes?!” in the past few days…
Currently on a short break, due to extenuating circumstances, we’ll be back sooner than too much later to continue to harass you musically. Annnnd, I use the term musically loosely.

Until then, LOTS of dope shit happening behind the scenes… I uh, just can’t spill any beans at this time. Speaking of beans, enjoy your day!! Cheers!! -T  =)