“I would like to take a moment to address the accusations made against me on social media. For those of you who know me and know my character, I thank you for extending your warm support. Thank you for knowing I am not capable of such horrid accusations being presented on social media. Thank you for the overwhelming response.


At a pivotal time in society where women are coming forward in droves to give a voice to abuse, whether it be rape or improper sexual harassment in the work place by their superiors, it is a huge step backwards for false allegations to be made at this time. Women have come a long way.


To the survivors out there I give my support.


To those with courage to stand up against violence, I give my support.


To those who suffered rape I extend my deepest sympathy, and I pledge my support.


To those that choose to misuse and abuse the system to promote themselves…I sit with the deepest of contempt. Today is a sad day.


We live in a society with rules, with laws, created to promote order. When someone uses social media to give them power to abuse our laws, to side step our legal system and try to promote a public trial without due process; it could only be in order to incite others to a lynch mob mentality… To this I shake my head and refuse to participate in this circus!”  – Todd Evans