Boom poppa dahp!!


Greetings and joyous salutations, thrashers!! Thanks for stoppin’ by the online cyber-rest room of your favorite punk rock heshers… MOBILE DEATHCAMP!!

We’ve been picked up by PAVEMENT ENTERTAINMENT. In their infinite wisdom and ability, they’ve decided to bring us in to their solid stable of bands that can kick your teeth out! We couldn’t be happier. Look for the new release VERY soon!

Oh, you didn’t know we had a new release coming out?! We do, indeed! A fresh ass e.p., engineered and mixed by Jeramie Kling (Smoke & Mirrors – Spring Hill, FL). He made us sound like fucking titans! I love that dude… and not just for that. Jeramie Jeramie Jerrrr-amie, Jerrrr-amie. (ya know, like the Liberty Insurance commercial).

I gotta run, BUT, remember to stay hydrated and always be conscious of your mood… really helps when dealing with, um… well, anything! Cheers!    -T  =)