Based out of Toledo, Ohio, MOBILE DEATHCAMP has been sawing clubs in half, and leaving crowds with their collective jaws on the floor since the band’s inception in 2008. Formed by Todd Evans at the end of his 6 year stint as Beefcake The Mighty (with legendary shock rockers, GWAR), now allied in sonic architecture by Chad Smith (drums), and JC (bass), this musical terror pocket has been leveling venues across North America.

- “My God, I’ve found the holy grail of thrash!!” - Encyclopaedia Metallum”
- “MOBILE DEATHCAMP is what happens when (ex-Gwar member) Todd Evans, crafts speed metal so sharp it can justifiably be classified as a weapon!” - Housecore Records
- “Gotta love it when you find a very straight ahead no bullshit metal to warm your steel heart, and make you feel alive!” -
- Ohio 3 piece MOBILE DEATHCAMP can play some pummeling no holds barred speed metal! Their songs are straight forward old school metal assaults, with crossover appeal.” - SMN News
- “They’re not overly flashy, and they don’t stretch out their songs… these three speed metal shredders just get it done with vicious, quickly shifting, two to three minute thrashers that blow your mind before you pinpoint their sound! There’s no self-indulgent ego stroking going on pretense here, just blazing distortion, aggressive growls, and a rhythm section that makes you want to break something!” - Scott Recker (Toledo City Paper)
DEAN Guitars, Reverend Basses, SIT Strings, Railhammer pickups, Jim Dunlop, Morley Pedals,, and COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey have all expressed their confidence and respect for the band by securing them in endorsement deals.
A short list of some notable bands these boys have shared the stage with, would include: Voivod, GWAR, Skeletonwitch, Cannibal Corpse, Havok, Corrosion Of Conformity, Goatwhore, The Casualties, Hatebreed, Slayer, Behemoth, Megadeth, Exmortus, Cattle Decapitation, Battlecross, Rob Zombie, and Lamb of God.
“No dicks, no bad days”, is the motto these fellers bring into every club they load in to. A three piece band that’s often accused of making as much (good) noise as a five piece band. Book them on your tour, put them in your club, then get up front and enjoy! MOBILE DEATHCAMP… speed metal, just like Mom used to make. CHEERS!!



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