Hallooo, and welcome to happy holiday lovin’ cyber igloo of Toledo’s favorite sons, MOBILE DEATHCAMP!!

We’ve wound down our 2016 shows, and are now patiently (kinda) awaiting the new year, when we’ll spring into action… Look out Califas, we’re headed back out to your wonderful beaches and amazing weather!!

NAMM is upon us once again, and your favorite speed metal band (us, you dummy!) will be out there engaging in, and enjoying all the super dope festivities. If you’re gonna be there, look for us, let’s hang out… maybe get a pizza’r… guyyyyyyy!!

That’s it for now… like Jerry Springer says, “Be good to yourselves, and each other.” Like Robb Flynn says, “Cheers, fuckers!” Like I’ve been known to say, “Um… huh?!?”

Until next time…   -T  =)

Greetings from halfway!!



Tour’a tour’a tour’a!! Halfway around the horn on this one… things are going GOOOOD!! Our new CD is out, and people seem to be digging it!! THANKS!! Have a look at the tour dates page, find out where you can come out and grab one of your own!!

SO many awesome people out around this great country of ours, and we’re way more than appreciative for all the kindness we’ve received along the way!! Another month or so left which includes a TOLEDO, OHIO CD release party!! Gwar-B-Q and Full Terror Assault coming this summer too… until then… Up The Irons!! (of course I stole that, nothing better)

Cheers!!  -T  =)